Associate Senior Research Fellow at CEPS and ECRI and Board member, Bank of Spain

Judith Arnal is Board member at the Bank of Spain. She is an Associate Senior Research Fellow at CEPS and ECRI and a Senior Research Fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute. She conducts extensive research on financial and European policy affairs and is a regular contributor to financial media.

Judith has extensive professional experience, having been the Head of Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Spain and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, as well as a Board Member of several public institutions tasked with advancing the Digital Agenda and supporting start-ups. She worked for 10 years in the Spanish Treasury, being the Head of the Financial Analysis Department.

In the European field, she was the chair of the Eurogroup Working Group Task Force on Coordinated Action for almost four years. Her chairmanship saw the design of the technical details of the European Stability Mechanism reform.

Judith has a PhD in economics and finance. She is also a Chartered State Economist in Spain and the recipient of several prizes, such as the Best Young Lawyers Award by Garrigues.