Director of Sales, BIK

Joanna Charlińska is a graduate of University of Warsaw – faculty management. She also finished postgraduate studies in Project Management, organized by the Warsaw School of Economics. 

She started her business career in credit intermediary and later at the Credit Card Canter in Cetelem Bank S.A. Her adventure with BIK began in 2006 and over the years she gained an experience in various departments, ranging from marketing, R&D, cooperation with foreign credit bureaus and consumer organizations. In 2009-2010 she was a leader of a project that enabled consumers an access to BIK products through online banking. In 2012, she established a consumer business line in BIK. Since 2015, as the Director of Sales, she is responsible for the website, customer communication, sales activities, and B2B relationships. She appears in media as a BIK expert, discussing responsible borrowing, data protection, and anti-fraud measures.