On behalf of the ACCIS Conference Committee, I am delighted to invite you to the 2019 ACCIS Conference to be held in Athens (13 - 14 June). The ACCIS Conference, the largest gathering of professionals working on credit data issues in Europe, will again deliver the most up-to-date information in the field of credit referencing.

The theme of the Conference is Enabling Trust through the Consumer Decision Journey. This theme is strongly connected to the mission statement of the credit referencing industry (‘enabling individuals and businesses to take informed decisions and conduct secure, trustworthy and efficient financial operations) and to our industry’s main value (‘Trust’).

In June 2018, ACCIS presented its Vision for the Future. The 2019 event will explore some of the key elements in that paper.

The agenda will put the focus on the connected consumer, consistent with the industry’s objective to enhance consumer-centrism in our activities. This connected consumer has to take purchasing and financial decisions in a changing, sophisticated economic and legal environment, where options multiply and hence the risks associated to them. At the conference, we will explore the role and importance of credit reference agencies and of comprehensive credit reporting systems in reducing irresponsible lending, while promoting financial inclusion and helping prevent fraud.

We will also review how credit reference activities and the innovations that the industry is mustering (e.g. data processing, artificial intelligence, e-identification, blockchain, etc.) can create and reinforce trust in the credit ecosystem through better consumer experiences and value.


The conference programme will feature presentations by academics, regulators, policy-makers and our industry leaders.

With the invaluable support of TIRESIAS, Greece’s consumer credit reporting agency and our Event Strategic Partner, we are working hard to make this a memorable event. 

We look forward to welcoming you in Athens.

Enrique Velázquez

Director General ACCIS

@VelazquezBXL | @ACCISeu | #ACCIS2019

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AGENDA FOR 12-14 JUNE 2019

Wednesday, 12th June

from 19:30

Welcome dinner

Thursday, 13th June


Annual General Meeting (ACCIS members only)

from 12:30

Welcome buffet lunch


Thursday, 13th June


Welcome to Athens - Petros Kapasouris, Deputy General Manager, TIRESIAS


Opening remarks - Enrique Velázquez, Conference Chair


Empowering digital consumers in credit markets


1. The Future of European Consumer Finance (20 min)

Speaker: Jurgita Bucyte, Senior Adviser, Statistics & Economic Affairs - Eurofinas

The future is now, as they say. Diving straight into the key topics of the conference, Jurgita Bucyte will present the latest substantial piece of forward-looking research prepared by Eurofinas, the voice of specialised consumer credit providers in Europe. Their report shows industry professionals’ expectations for the consumer credit industry until 2021 on a variety of key topics, including digitalisation, distribution channels and competitors to name a few, and compares with the findings from their last 2015 report.

2. The Digital Consumer: predictors of financial credibility in a society of hyper-connected individuals (20 min)

Speaker: Paul Randall, Executive Director, Creditinfo Group

With the rising of alternative data, new opportunities are emerging for lenders and insurers. Credit providers are now able to grant credit to target markets that have been historically overlooked and underserved by traditional finance such as Millenials and new Digital Nomads. From mobile lending in Kenya to short-terms loans in the Baltic Region, Paul will explain how CreditInfo is supporting better, informed financial decision-making in the era of the digital consumer.

3. Consumer-centrism in retail financial services - responsible lending (20 min)

Speaker: Renatas Mazeika, Head of Consumer Policy Unit (DG JUST)

Credit should not be granted to everyone but only to those who can afford to repay it. Putting consumers at the centre means to care about consumer’s financial wellbeing. This keynote will look at the role of regulation in ensuring consumer confidence in the consumer credit markets, at a time when those markets are being subject to important transformations, not least because of technological developments and changing customer expectations.


Refreshments / Coffee break


The role and importance of CRAs and of comprehensive credit reporting systems (30 min)

Findings on the role and importance of comprehensive credit reporting systems

Speaker: Dr Sylvain Bouyon, Research Fellow and Head of Retail Finance and Fintech, ECRI / CEPS

The obligation to assess the creditworthiness of consumers is one of the regulatory tools usually considered a duty of ‘responsible lending’. In meeting that obligation, lenders use the information (and services) provided by credit reporting systems. ACCIS has commissioned independent research on the relationship between the comprehensiveness of a credit reporting system and the fulfilment of the critical roles of credit reporting. This presentation will cover the key findings and policy recommendations arising from the study.


Serving responsible credit to connected consumers

Panel discussion (60 min)


Renatas Mazeika, Head of Consumer Policy Unit (DG JUST), European Commission

Stella Lanzi, Regulatory Analyst, CRIF

Stefanos Mytilineos, General Manager Group Digital Business, Piraeus Bank

Moderator: Fabrizio Fraboni, Lead Financial Sector Specialist in Credit Reporting and Risk Management, World Bank

Stakeholders from the credit ecosystem, incusing credit providers, consumers, credit reference agencies and regulators will discuss how the connected consumer is served credit to consume goods / services. Each from their particular perspective, they will go through some of the following issues:

  • How do consumers get financing? What are the financing options? What do consumers expect? What do they need?

  • How is creditworthiness of consumers assessed? What is the role of

  • What should be the objective of creditworthiness? How do we ensure lending is carried out responsibly? What’s the balance between affordability and credit risk management / risk mitigation?

  • In an online context, how do we go about consumer identification? How do we protect consumers from fraud?

  • What regulatory adaptations do we need for the provision of responsible lending, if any? What do consumers expect? And lenders? And credit reference agencies?


Keynote - Credit referencing activities: a perspective from the Greek Data Protection Supervisor (20 min)

Speaker: Mr Konstantinos Menoudakos, President of Hellenic Data Protection Authority, Honorary President of the Council of State

More information on content to follow 


Closing remarks - Review of conference and housekeeping for Gala Dinner


Friday, 14th June


Welcome and introduction by Conference Chair


Trust and trust builders in the credit ecosystem:

7 Keynote addresses:

Trust in the European financial services ecosystem (20 min)

Speaker: Yannis Stournaras, Governor, Bank of Greece

This keynote will underline the importance of trust in the credit ecosystem and will discuss some key trust enablers, including the focus on consumer-focused credit activities, smart and sound innovation, competition and level playing field issues, better regulation and supervision, etc.

Trusted Data Processing and Management (20 min)

Speaker: Dr Wulf Kamlah, General Counsel, SCHUFA AG

Customer trust expands to how you treat your prospect and customer data. The credit reference industry ensures that its databases are accurate, verifiable and reliable. One year after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became compliant; a representative from a credit reference agency (CRAs) will present the most complex issues for CRAs in the process of GDPR compliance and the lessons from which we learn.

Raising consumers´ awareness and education on the use of data – a UK perspective (20 min)

Speaker: Emma Thomas, Head of Government and Public Affairs

In an increasingly digital world, consumers are wanting to know more about how their data is collected and used, not only by CRAs but by lenders as well. To meet their growing expectations and demand, a new consumer focused guide is being proposed in the UK that seeks to increase transparency and foster trust in the credit sector and promote best practice across the financial sector. Emma Thomas will explain why this consumer-focused approach is being welcomed in the UK. 

Trusted AI - How to instil humanity in AI / scoring? (20 min)

Speaker: John Power, Chief Data Analytics Officer for Europe, Equifax

Whilst it is increasingly evident that AI can help with credit scoring and fraud detection models, for example, there are also growing concerns that the bias of the programmer can play a part in determining certain outcomes. This keynote should explore this question i.e. to what extend can AI be trusted; and what are the elements (transparency, morality, education, etc.) that would allow market players and consumers to place more trust in AI systems.

Trust Services and Electronic identification (20 min)

Speaker: Nick Mothersaw, Director of Fraud and Identity Solutions, Experian

Electronic identification systems are revolutionizing the way of doing businesses, within and across borders. This keynote should explore the power and potential of these systems, highlighting relevant, sector-specific use cases for the credit ecosystem. The keynote will cover related “trust services” such as lower administrative burden, more efficient business processes, significant reduction in costs, increased profits, safer transactions, increased consumer trust etc. and outline the opportunities for companies such as credit reference agencies to capitalise on these developments.

Cybersecurity – Building trust (20 min)

Speaker: Russ Kirby, Chief Security Office, CreditSafe

Gaining customer trust is a vital step in growing and retaining business, Russ will explain how businesses can leverage the internal security program to drive engagement and trust internally while also gaining external trust through engagement and openness.

Blockchain technology – Redefining trust (20 min)

Speaker: Maxime Pekkip, Director of the CRESUS Foundation

BGV - Budget Grande Vitesse is an interactive application enabling consumers to control in real time their budgetary and financial situation. It is being developed in France by Foundation Cresus. Maxime Pekkip will present the tool and how this "web service" platform provides the user with real-time, secure access to interfaces, intelligent budget assistants, and structured data (restructured and standardised aggregator database) under optimal security conditions involving blockchain technology.


Refreshments / Coffee break


ACCIS Vision / ACCIS Research Findings / Industry trends / Vision reassessments?

CEO Panel discussion (60 min)

Get in the head of the top Executives for answers


Solomon Berahas, CEO, TIRESIAS

Mariusz Cholewa, CEO, BIK

Enrico Lodi, Managing Director, CRIF

Seth Marks, Managing Director - CreditInfo

Moderator: Dr Sylvain Bouyon, Research Fellow and Head of Retail Finance and Fintech, ECRI / CEPS

Last year, the European credit reference industry agreed on a common vision for the future. Four CEOs will discuss the most critical issues facing credit referencing today. What does success mean in our industry? How is the industry enabling efficient decision-making by market operators? How do we actively regain trust? What trends do you see in the market? In the users of your data? In consumers? What’s going on in other jurisdictions? Is Europe a model to follow? What alliances are being formed to add value to consumers in the credit data ecosystems? What role does regulation play in all this?


Closing Conference remarks - Enrique Velázquez, Conference Chair


End of Conference


Refreshments / Coffee break


from 13:00

Farewell buffet lunch